domingo, 2 de agosto de 2015

Inglês 1º Ciclo 2015/2016 - English in Portuguese primary schools

It's soon going to be 10 years since the English language has entered Portuguese primary schools as an extra curricular activity/offer.

I've been involved in this "arrival" since the beginning, both as a teacher and as a student in multiple teacher training courses, because of this, I'm very happy to finally see English as a part of our national curriculum.

It feels like writing: "Now it's for real!"... ( I know that for most teachers it has always been for real in the classroom, but now I hope that everyone else will feel it too.)

It's more than obvious that the English language has now an undoubted value in the world of work but that's not the only reason why it so important. As technology has made communication easier, faster and global English is also the best way we have to make friends all over the world. I know this sounds silly and simple, however making friends can represent so much more than that... it leads to a better understanding of the world, of different cultures and, in the end, to creating better citizens, more informed, more tolerant and, above all, more Human.

Having it all said, I wish all the Portuguese English teachers a great new start  :)

Here's a link to our new teaching guide line: "Metas Curriculares de Inglês do Ensino Básico – 1º ciclo"

Keep up the teaching-frenzy ;)

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