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Art museum in the English classroom

Why not bringing some real art to the English classroom?
Well, here's how I did it: 

1st - I set up an art museum in the classroom. Flash cards with copies of  paintings by the most famous painters were displayed on the walls all over.

2nd - Kids went on a tour and asked each other: "Do you like this painting?" / "What's your favorite?" 
            Expressions like "Oh, that's beautiful!"; "I really like it"; "so, so"and "not so much"                   were practiced before. 

3rd - In small groups kids chose one of their favourite paintings to copy themselves with brushes and paint. 

The surprising choices were:  The persistence of memory by Salvador Dalí 
And The son of man by René Magritte

Magritte TheSonOfMan.jpg

4th - While painting, there were speaking activities happening. 
           My "language plan" for that lesson included talking about school material, colours and              the use of the present continuous. For that reason, structures like, "What are you        using", "What are you doing", "Do you need more yellow paint?"... were used on purpose.

5th - And the paintings were displayed in the classroom.

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