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September 2014

It's time to go back to school. Teaching-Frenzy wishes you a great school year!   

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Splat frog fun - teaching physical appearance

How much fun can a splat ball (in this case a splat frog)  bring to the classroom?

Well, see it for yourself:

While teaching "Physical appearance" the kids had to make a small poster with a picture from a magazine. After that, they had to hit the right image with the sticky frog according to the description that they had listened to.
It's really a fun and great activity to practice listening.

This is the famous splat frog. He looks quite bored doesn't he? :)

I first heard about this "toy" from Chris Roland. He's a wonderful teacher whose talk I had the pleasure to attend on the last APPI conference. You can check more about him and his work here:

Parts of YOUR body

Forget the glamorous celebrity posters to label the parts of the body!
Why not using your own students as human/ 3D posters? It's much more fun and they certainly get to participate more and have a laugh in the process. 

Advice: Don't use strong tape... 

Art museum in the English classroom

Why not bringing some real art to the English classroom?
Well, here's how I did it: 

1st - I set up an art museum in the classroom. Flash cards with copies of  paintings by the most famous painters were displayed on the walls all over.

2nd - Kids went on a tour and asked each other: "Do you like this painting?" / "What's your favorite?" 
            Expressions like "Oh, that's beautiful!"; "I really like it"; "so, so"and "not so much"                   were practiced before. 

3rd - In small groups kids chose one of their favourite paintings to copy themselves with brushes and paint. 

The surprising choices were:  The persistence of memory by Salvador Dalí 
And The son of man by René Magritte

Magritte TheSonOfMan.jpg

4th - While painting, there were speaking activities happening. 
           My "language plan" for that lesson included talking about school material, colours and              the use of the present continuous. For that reason, structures like, "What are you        using", "What are you doing", "Do you need more yellow paint?"... were used on purpose.

5th - And the paintings were displayed in the classroom.

Elementary Matters: Team Building Activities

Hi There!

I'm just about to start a new project. A Summer English course for children.
While searching for some fun group bounding games as well as presentation games I came across this wonderful blog where you can find lot's of interesting links. 


Elementary Matters: Team Building Activities: I use a whole lot of games in my classroom to practice skills. In order for game playing to be successful in the classroom, children need to...

Have fun :) I'll be back soon!

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FREE App for android by British council

LearnEnglish KIDs  is a FREE App for android by British council.

If you are an android fan and like using it in class here is a very nice app with videos for the English Lessons.
It's designed for young learners and it can be a way to add some more FUN to your lessons! Enjoy!    

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Mice digital design by Lauri Furnell