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Halloween - Playing cards

We all know how some of our kids love playing cards. I was thinking about this and I decided to create a card game to celebrate Halloween. (It can also be used as mini flashcards)
I got inspired by a game that already exists in the market: “the magic cards". Those cards have amazing images on them. I think that's what makes boys love them so much. There are horrible monsters, aliens with special powers, creatures that could only exist in a magic world like themselves.
Sometimes I think about my own work and I realize I don’t pay too much attention to what boys really like.
Since I’m a woman, I prepare my activities quite much oriented to the female taste.
This time, I bet the card game will not make a big success around girls, because it was mostly meant to meet boys’ taste.

How to play?
1 – The cards can be used to play a simple memory game. The kids can sit in pairs or small groups and try to find two matching pictures. (For this game you must print the pictures twice for each group of students)

2 – The second game you can play is “fishing” I’m not sure if the name of the game is the same in English, but my Portuguese colleagues will certainly know what I mean. :D The point of the game is getting four equal cards. Each student gets four cards at the beginning and the rest of them is randomly spread on the table. The students must ask their friends: “Have you got –witch-?” If the other player has one, he must give it, if he doesn’t, the one who asked must go “fishing” – he gets one card from the ones in the table. The game goes one until there are no cards left on the table. The winner is the player who got more sets of four equal cards.

Confusing? - Please write your questions on the comments section. Sometimes when we explain something we know very well, we tend to forget many important details.
ps. I had to upload the picture again because it wasn't opening correctly.
- All images in the cards were taken from : www.deviantart.com -

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