terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2009

AFS English books is stealing teacher's work.

As a teacher I must stand for this cause and tell you all what's going on.
I've written about the site www.Eslprintables.com quite many times here. It's a wonderful, site where teacher's from all over the world share their work with no other compensation then that "sharing".
What happens is that many of the worksheets published on the site were stolen and published on some books from AFS.
I'm sure no teacher in ESLprintables worries when he sees his/her work being used at schools by another teacher. That’s what sharing is all about, but it's not fair that someone is making money out of someone else's sweat.
I’d like to warn all English teachers not to buy these books.
You can read more information about this on:
http://afsyayincilik-thieves.blogspot.com or

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  1. Olá Hannie! Tomei a liberdade de copiar o teu texto para publicar no meu blog ( com as devidas referências) porque retrataste muito bem a indignação que todos devem estar a sentir. Não se faz! Vamos lá boicotar o trabalho sujo desses "senhores".


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