terça-feira, 16 de junho de 2009

"English Tea Break"

Last June 1st was a very special day at school! Besides being the world's children day, I took the chance to develop a special activity with my students. It was called "The english tea break" . With the help of 2 other teachers, I took the students to the canteen and they baked some scones. While the scones were cooking in the oven and the water was warming up for the tea, I talked about the 5 o'clock tea tradition. The students learned some curiosities such as that it was a Portuguese Princess (Catarina de Bragança) who started this tradition in England.
At 5 o'clock, the tea was served! A bit later came the scones right from the oven. We put some jam on them and then it was the most delicious part of the activity!!! EATING!!!

Ps. It was a hell of a job.. but very worth doing!! Specially when I got back to the classroom and read a message the students' had left for me on the board : "Thank you for today's lesson!" I guess that my stress went all way when I read that!

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domingo, 14 de junho de 2009

It's been a while...

Hello dear readers,

It's been a while since I've posted new messages or goodies for your lessons. I must apologize for that and meantime explain my reasons.

The year is almost over so we're all in the evaluation frenzy around here. It's been taking some of my time and it's preventing me from developing new materials.
I hope this phase will quickly go away because this is not what teaching is all about...

sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009

Responsible student award!

As my pen-paling project develops, I felt the need to create a special award to those students who had been very responsible and were able to meet all the deadlines established during the project.

I think that it is very important to motivate good behavior and responsibility! The students who didn't receive the award felt jealous and I liked that reaction! It means that next time they'll probably do better in order to get an award themselves!

Playground activities - Worksheet 2

This is the second worksheet on the theme "playground activities". It is very similar to the first one but this time I ask students to draw their favourite playground activity. The drawing is the starting point for another activity which I will explain later.

quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009

Playground activities - Worksheet

The last month of lessons has arrived and I must confess that I'm quite happy about it!

For this last month I've planed talking about playground activities and holidays.

Here you may see an example of what I've done with my 1st graders. It was not only a worksheet but also a pair work activity. After exploring the words and sentences, the kids had to ask their partners the questions and write "yes" or "no".

I hope it's useful!

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