sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2009

Pair work - Likes and dislikes!

Dear everyone,

I've recently been teaching Sports and Hobbies.

As those are topics which pupils learn really fast, I've decided to develop some pair work activities to practice speaking.

I've elaborated a table where the students would mark the answers they got from their friends.

The questions would always start with "Do you like...?" and they had to ask a list of 10 sports or hobbies to their partners. They would take their table and write "Yes" or "No" according to their answers.

I've noticed that most of them respected the rules and spoke English all the time.

The environment in that class was very pleasant. I could see that they were actually working and having fun at the same time.

My idea was to follow this activity by making a graphic in class showing the most "liked" sports among the students but unfortunately time was too short for all ...

Do you usually use pair work and group work in your classes?

I do use group work a lot and I think it's the best way to make the kids comfortable to speak as they don't feel as exposed as when they work individually.

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