terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2008

Wishes and plans for 2009

2008 is almost gone. I'm happy to see 2009 coming in! I don't know why but I'm a bit superstitious,I've always prefered uneven years. I believe that they bring me more luck!
I don't have any special wishes beyond those global ones that everybody has. Peace on earth, mild weather and happiness.

In what comes to work, I hope I'll be able to grow a bit more and learn more from the elder ones. Time is certainly a good teacher by itself.

I have already started planning my work for the comming months. I'll embrace a penpalling project with a very nice teacher from Canada. My students will be writing letters to kids who are also learning english as a second language.

Besides that, I hope I can use even more songs, videos and games in my lessons and I hope to be able to make the kids have fun!

Well, from someone who had no wishes, I guess i'm hoping too much!

Teaching-frenzy has become my "friend-next-door" In years from now, I know I'll read these old posts and I'll feel glad that I kept a record of what I'm doing.

Enough of words,
I wish you all a happy and LUCKY ;) 2009


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