quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2008

Story books tip

Hello Dear English Teachers!
I want to give you a tip on some great story books I'm working with.

This collection from Express Publishing is really great! I've used this story with my kids last week and they really liked it. The lesson was different, and sometimes that is enough to make motivation pop up!

This is a very well thought collection of story books called "Story Time" They are especially for ESL students and there are different levels of stories. They can be used with students who are at the very beginning of the language learning or with more advanced students.

This particular story "Merry Christmas" is full of activities about the words in the story. It has got christmas songs and enven a drama text at the end.

If it is well explored it can provide you one or more lessons full of fun and meaning!

I'm just sorry I don't have the CD yet but I'm thinking I'll buy it!

No, I'm not getting money for this post...ahahaha, it's totally free publicity!

Go and check the site for yourselves:


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