terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

Christmas Time

Dear everyone!

I've made a nice (well at least I think it's nice) powerpoint presentation about christmas.

The purpose of it was to teach my kids the names of some toys.

It's a very short story about two kids and a dog who wrote a letter to santa asking for some presents...

Go, click on the link below, download and tell me what you think..

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  1. Hello, Hannie, I met you in EslPrintables and as I was invited, here I am. I downloaded your powerpoint about Xmas; it is very nice and I will probably use it in the last days of this term.
    I am very proud when I see young people, like you, working so hard and doing so many and beautiful things for the students, without expecting any special reward, except for the one of being well with ourselves and being confident that we are doing well, no matter what comes.
    May all your days be merry and bright
    And may all your students reward you their friendship and love for ages to come.
    The children are the best thing in the world.
    ( Well, not all...heheheh )

  2. Well, I think that olindalima said almost everything... I also liked your presentation and I'll use it with my pupils.
    A very merry Christmas
    and a happy new year
    let's hope it's a good one
    without any fear
    (John Lennon)
    Morganalin from eslprintables

  3. Parabéns, Ana
    Gostei muito do power point! Até eu vou usar com os meus alunos.
    Ah ! gosto muito do teu blog porque para além de ver o teu entusiasmo nesta nobre profissão também aprendo Inglês...
    Beijinhos e continua vais lindamente.
    A tua tia,

  4. Hello, Ana.
    I´m Cassy from Brazil and I´m in ESLPrintables, too.
    I loved this power point file and I´ll use it with my stds.
    Thanks a lot.


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