terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2008

Family worksheet

Here is my last worksheet. It is still warm, I've just taken it from the oven! :D

Since the first topic I'll be teaching my kids in January is the family, I've just made this WS. I hope it is useful in anyway.

This time I don't write the link. You can simply click on the picture and it will take you to the download site! Technology has it's wonders!!

Wishes and plans for 2009

2008 is almost gone. I'm happy to see 2009 coming in! I don't know why but I'm a bit superstitious,I've always prefered uneven years. I believe that they bring me more luck!
I don't have any special wishes beyond those global ones that everybody has. Peace on earth, mild weather and happiness.

In what comes to work, I hope I'll be able to grow a bit more and learn more from the elder ones. Time is certainly a good teacher by itself.

I have already started planning my work for the comming months. I'll embrace a penpalling project with a very nice teacher from Canada. My students will be writing letters to kids who are also learning english as a second language.

Besides that, I hope I can use even more songs, videos and games in my lessons and I hope to be able to make the kids have fun!

Well, from someone who had no wishes, I guess i'm hoping too much!

Teaching-frenzy has become my "friend-next-door" In years from now, I know I'll read these old posts and I'll feel glad that I kept a record of what I'm doing.

Enough of words,
I wish you all a happy and LUCKY ;) 2009


quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2008

Holidays! :D

I'm finally on holidays! As well as most of you I suppose.
It's been an entire year of work...I'm extremly tired but meanwhile I'm already planning what I'll do when I'm back too school in January..
I just can't help it! It's in my blood!
As for now, I'm doing some worksheets about creative writing based on pictures.
It's an activity for advanced students. Holidays seem to me a great ocasion to practice some writing. I really have fun while writing. I don't know the reason why but I'd always pick writing against reading.

I'll leave the worksheets here as well. The pictures were taken from a great site that I highly recomend : www.deviantart.com

http://www.mediafire.com/file/33mzyqdluyn/creative writing 1.doc

http://www.mediafire.com/file/t34dzzmkymy/creative writing 2.doc

quarta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2008

And the winners are...

Last week, with one of my classes I've made a contest.

They had to decorate a Christmas tree the best they could only with materials that they had in front of them.
I told the students that the best works would be published on the internet. And here they are!
It was difficult to chose but I think that these 5 were a bit different from all the others. they are more creative and one of them even appeals to recycling. If you notice, the present under the second tree is made of a milk pack that was going to be thrown away.
The students also used, for decoration, the left overs of when they sharpened their pencils.
Congratulations to all the winners and to all those who will be winning next time ;) !

domingo, 14 de dezembro de 2008

Let it snow Worksheet

I think I finally can do what I was trying for so long...

With the helping hand of some great teachers from "ESLprintables" I know now how to make my worksheets visible here on my blog!

I'm teaching "let it snow" to my students for the Christmas party at school. I've prepared this Worksheet so that they can read the song while they listen to it.

Click on the link below if you want to download and print it.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/ghmoozywnyz/lei it snow.doc


Personalized Myspace Comments In Flash

quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2008

Story books tip

Hello Dear English Teachers!
I want to give you a tip on some great story books I'm working with.

This collection from Express Publishing is really great! I've used this story with my kids last week and they really liked it. The lesson was different, and sometimes that is enough to make motivation pop up!

This is a very well thought collection of story books called "Story Time" They are especially for ESL students and there are different levels of stories. They can be used with students who are at the very beginning of the language learning or with more advanced students.

This particular story "Merry Christmas" is full of activities about the words in the story. It has got christmas songs and enven a drama text at the end.

If it is well explored it can provide you one or more lessons full of fun and meaning!

I'm just sorry I don't have the CD yet but I'm thinking I'll buy it!

No, I'm not getting money for this post...ahahaha, it's totally free publicity!

Go and check the site for yourselves:


My Snowman Family

Besides being an ESL Teacher, I also work at a tutorials centre  I help kids with their homework and when they're finished sometimes we do some arts and crafts as well.
Some weeks ago we've decided to make a winter decoration and this was the result. Kids loved it and so did. I think they were able to relax a bit. Sometimes I really feel sorry for those kids who are at school at 09:00 am and after school they go to the centre and only leave at 20:00... When do they play? When do they relax? When do they have fun anyway??
Maybe I'm talking against myself.. I work there... but at least I try to make them enjoy those hours and not only make them work and work...

terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2008

I'm GLAD! Thanks

Dear Readers,

Today I just want to wish you all the best during this magical season.

Christmas is the right time to stop and thank all those who had made us feel good in some point our our "trip"(=life).

I want to thank the visitors of my blog, with very special attention to those who left comments on my work! It's good to read nice things when you try your best to serve others in whatever you do..

So, a Very Merry Christmas to all!!


sábado, 6 de dezembro de 2008

Pictures for Christmas!!

Hi there!!
Today I'll leave here some nice xmas Pictures to colour or to use while making your ws!
I hope they are useful. Kids love colouring!

Caros colegas, aqui deixo algumas imagens que podem usar agora na altura do Natal!!

terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

Christmas Time

Dear everyone!

I've made a nice (well at least I think it's nice) powerpoint presentation about christmas.

The purpose of it was to teach my kids the names of some toys.

It's a very short story about two kids and a dog who wrote a letter to santa asking for some presents...

Go, click on the link below, download and tell me what you think..

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